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Questions to Ask About Your Office Furniture Warehouse Needs

office furniture warehouse

Are you looking to set up an office furniture warehouse? It is definitely a good sign when your business grows to the point where a warehouse is necessary. However, at the same time, this progression isn’t without its’ challenges.

First, you need to understand why an office furniture warehouse is necessary for your business. Does it fit into your business and its’ needs?

The next step will focus on the layout of your storage facility. The success or failure of your warehouse design will basically come down to the layout and storage requirements. That is why there are a lot of decisions to be made in the planning process of your office furniture warehouse to avoid the pitfalls that can plague warehouse installation. The following are five key questions you should consider for your office furniture warehouse installation. Also, keep in mind how your warehouse will impact your services. 

1. Will You Hire a Professional or Have It Done In-House?

At the onset of the project, it may be better to hire a professional for the design, especially at the beginning of the project, rather than hire one in the event that something goes wrong.

2. What Will Future Storage Requirements Be?

You may not be able to know every detail of your future orders. However, planning around these expected changes for the warehouse space is just as important.

3. What is Your Price Structure?

Your price structure is important to consider, including shipping, handling, and weight charges that may impact your pricing.

4. What Are Your Storage Hours?

Are your warehouse business hours open during hours others than 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.? This is something to consider, as security at the facility may go beyond those common business hours. 

5. What Type of Equipment Do You Require?

Do you require a loading dock location? Also, consider the different types of sizes and shapes of racking in the facility. This will depend on the type of products in the warehouse.

That was just five key points to consider. In reality, there are numerous considerations to take into account when your office furniture warehouse is being designed. This can have a real impact in warehouse operations and services. After all, your business will depend a lot on your warehouse and these services you provide.

If you have any questions about office furniture warehousing, contact us today.

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