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How to Pick the Demountable Wall Systems that Will Raise Employee Morale

Demountable Wall Systems in Toronto

We could go on about the benefits and uses of demountable wall systems. With so many benefits from so many options and uses, how do you decide which one would best suit your office?

To help you decide, we’ll outline some task- or layout-specific benefits, so that you can pick-and-choose which specialized demountable wall system would best suit your space.

Is Your Business Creative or Collaborative? Consider Brainstorming Walls.

There are a number of demountable wall concepts that are designed to integrate brainstorming tools. Many designs use integrated note-taking and planning devices, such as mounts for whiteboards or large paper pads.

There are also a number of much more unconventional, stylistically unique demountable walls and wall treatment options. You could use a special matte coating to turn a demountable wall system into a giant screen for a projector, a treated coating to make the entire panel a whiteboard space, or, for an much more stylized, ‘retro’ look, you could even coat the panel with special blackboard paint to turn a wall of your creative space into a large chalkboard.

Does Your Office Have Lots of Natural Light? Consider Translucent Walls.

Panels made from either clear or frosted glass can greatly improve the effectiveness (and efficiency) of your office lighting. Natural light, which tends to raise morale for employees just as well as it does for house plants, can be harnessed and made to go much farther (literally) than with standard office walls.

Is Space at a Premium? Consider a ‘Fish Bowl’ Style Huddle Room.

Need a collaborative space that is intimate and space-efficient? Transparent-walled ‘fish bowl’-style huddle rooms are much less claustrophobic than their opaque counter-parts, while still providing a space for collaboration or meetings.

Have a Team With Shifting Needs? Get Them a Space with Shifting Walls.

Demountable wall systems allow you to readjust as necessary. Customize your space to meet any team’s size and needs. When the team and their needs shift, either due to a change of staffing, a reconfiguring of resources, or a new project with different requirements, you can readjust your demountable walls to see that the office itself changes with your team’s equipment and needs.

Regardless of which system is perfect for your business, Choice Office Installations can help you see that it’s properly installed. Contact us to book an appointment today.

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