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Mural Art: The Bright Side of Office Wall Installations

a brightly coloured office wall with the word "integrity" written in large blue letters

Not every wall has a practical use. In most offices, quite a number of surfaces are dominated by little more than massive swaths of slightly-off-white paint. However, the savvy owner will see these large areas as a canvas, with limitless potential for livening up the office space, reinforcing brand image, and providing a boost in employee morale.

When it comes to livening up office walls, there are three basic options:

Painted Murals for Traditional “Corporate Graffiti”

If you have an in-house artist, or if you can source a skilled local artist, then having a hand-painted mural occupy your space can turn a bland void into a truly breathtaking work of art.

Hand-made art can be extremely warm and lively, and if your artist matches your company’s brand sensibilities, they can make for some truly incredible and breathtaking results.

Of course, there are down sides. Usually such art is only done on permanent mediums, such as brick or drywall—meaning that you will not be able to easily bring the art with you if you relocate. The undertaking also
requires a certain amount of trust in the artist—while they can present you with concepts, you will not be able to see the end result until it is already finished.

Go Digital with Printed Adhesives and Graphic Wall Wraps

While hand-painted art has a unique warm and irreplaceable look and feel to it, many are looking to digitally designed and printed graphics as an alternative to paint and murals.

Digital graphics tend to have a much cleaner look compared to hand-painted, and have the advantage of being able to be ‘proofed’ and tweaked before committing to a final design decision. They can also be applied to
most surfaces, and can even integrate the transparency of glass or demountable walls into the design.

While graphic design and painted murals can offer some much-needed splashes of colour, the most common option we see, particularly with demountable wall installations, is the third:

Let Your Demountable Walls Speak for Themselves

There are a number of features available for demountable wall systems that are extremely stunning on their own, including glass treatments, integrated LEDs, textured frosting, integrated blinds, and more. We invite you to take a look at our photo gallery for some ideas.

Whether you want a drywall surface ready for an artist, a wall installation, or a demountable wall system that looks stunning on its own, contact us today to get started.

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