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How to Leverage Your Toronto Corporate Relocation to Attract Millennials

Office Reconfiguration in Toronto

A Toronto corporate relocation is more than just an act of moving office furniture from point A to B. A corporate relation is an opportunity to make some changes, increasing efficiency, re-organizing spaces, and changing your layout to appeal more to certain elements of your workforce.

In this post, we want to help you make the most of your corporate relocation by helping you to appeal more to the millennial workforce.

What Do Millennials Want?

When it comes to the millennial workforce, studies have shown that workplace culture is particularly important. The millennial mindset tends to prefer collaboration and a less formal atmosphere.

For those of a certain generation, this may seem counter-intuitive. Many have viewed the workplace through the philosophy such as that featured in the film Glengarry Glenn Ross, where co-workers are viewed as competitors and an ‘Always Be Closing’ attitude is encouraged.

Which is better?

In many respects, the millennial focus is actually better for the company as a whole. While it might not encourage predatory tactics, it does tend to frame individual success as being a part of the company’s success, rather than based upon individual performance. Just look at any of the multi-billion dollar giants that have sprung up within the past decade or two: Facebook, Google, Amazon — all of them embrace the ‘social employee’ approach to workplace culture.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to culture, it’s generally best to ensure that your workplace culture is one that fosters a sense of collaboration and socialization, rather than one of isolation and competition.

How Can Your Toronto Corporate Relocation Give This to Them?

When you’re relocating, be sure to carefully reorganize your workspace. Add collaborative spaces, such as huddle areas, meeting rooms, and open workspaces. You may also want to spruce up your social areas, giving your workers a more comfortable place to rest and socialize when taking their breaks.

You may also wish to take the opportunity to update your decor, making your office appear far more lively, friendly, and trendy. This not only benefits your current and future employees, but can also serve to impress investors and clients who are touring your facility as well.

However, It’s Important to Remember…

While a well-executed social layout can be very appealing, it’s all for naught if your actual workplace culture doesn’t embrace these principals as well. The managers, CEOs, and owners should all be on the same page with regards to your overall workplace culture, and it should be reflected in your mission and vision statements as well.

Whether you’re planning on using your relocation to renew your workplace culture, or to simply move everything from point A to point B, we can ensure your move is as smooth and efficient as possible. Contact us today.

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