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Does Your Toronto Office Move Need Movers, or Furniture Assembly Services?

Often when a business owner or manager prepares for their first move, their mind immediately goes to ‘movers’. After all, it’s right there in the name, right? And movers are usually who you call when you’re shifting houses, so it’s going to be good enough for your business… won’t it? The answer, of course, is that houses and offices are completely different organisms, and your Toronto office move is definitely going to need a furniture assembly service.

Office Furniture is Designed for Dismantlement

While there are some furniture pieces which don’t break down, such as filing cabinets, most office furniture is modular in design. This not only cuts back drastically on delivery costs, as the components tend to take up far less space than the assembled product, but it also makes it very easy for the manufacturer to replace components, and to improve or update designs of some components without having to replace the whole unit.

In other words, unlike your refrigerator or chesterfield, most of your office furniture can be pulled apart to fit into a space a mere fraction of what it would take in its full form.

Not All Movers Offer Dismantling and Assembly

While the top Toronto specialized office moving companies offers furniture dismantling, assembly, and transport services, the conventional ‘moving company’ often does not. Such companies will attempt to take furniture in its assembled, or partially disassembled, state, which will take considerably more space in the moving vehicle, which can increase transport costs considerably.

Specialized Assembly Services Offer Much More than Moving & Assembly

The best Toronto furniture assembly services will offer a whole suite of services which uniquely benefit business moves. This can include moving, handling, planning & logistics, storage in temperature-controlled warehouses, and even the installation of additional fixtures such as demountable wall systems—and, since they offer all these services under one roof, they can offer prices that are quite competitive compared to single-service businesses.

To learn more about Choice Office Installations‘ services and how we can help your business in its upcoming move, contact us today.

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