20 March 19 By

3 Office Furniture Projects to Boost Productivity

Productivity doesn’t need to be a ground-up project. Often we can just take a look at just one element of our office furniture to fix a major outstanding issue, granting us a massive boost in overall productivity.

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22 November 18 By

Keep Your Next Toronto Office Furniture Project Eco-Friendly

Environmental responsibility is more important than ever. People are more eco-conscious than ever, to the extent that environmental friendliness is often not only a cause, but a major selling point as well. And while most think of eco-friendliness in terms of carbon emissions and waste produced, even your next office furniture project in Toronto can […]

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7 September 18 By

3 Things to Consider when Searching for a Furniture Delivery Service

New furniture is exciting. It can represent a new era, a sense of renewal, a boost to efficiency, and an overall classier look to your office. However, it’s important to make sure you aren’t so swept up in your new acquisition that you overlook the furniture delivery service! These 3 furniture delivery considerations can help […]

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