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5 Strategic Tips for Your Toronto Office Relocation

The success of a Toronto office relocation often boils down to one thing: Strategy. After all, if your fundamental approach to any major project is flawed, then the whole venture might be set to collapse.

Here are 5 strategic tips we can offer to help make your Toronto office relocation as smooth as possible:

1. Make an Inventory

Before you even lay out the groundwork of the logistics of a move, you want to make sure you know exactly what you need, and what you have to work with. This applies to both resources available (available manpower, allowable time, etc) and supplies required (boxes, special moving equipment for heavy items, experts to dismantle demountable wall fixtures, etc).

2. Make a Plan

Once you know what you have, what you need, and how much time you require, it’s time to lay out a plan. This should include concrete timelines built around measurable milestones—for example, have a date by which the movers must be scheduled, another date by which employees must have their workstations packed, etc. The more detailed, the better!

3. Provide Support to Staff

Talk to your staff and determine any additional needs they may require. For example, some staff may not be able to carry heavier items or boxes, or may have special considerations pertaining to the new location itself, such as the location of their workstations or accessibility considerations.

While you may not be able to accommodate every request of every employee, providing assistance where possible can have a great positive impact on employee morale.

4. Provide Support to Staff Families

Also take into consideration needs outside of work that you could help them to meet. For example, transportation (carpooling or bus passes) for young employees without access to a car, or help to arrange child care for families with two working parents.

5. Hire Toronto Office Relocation Specialists

Of course, the most obvious piece of advice we can offer is to bring in the professionals at Choice Office Installations. We can help you to formulate a realistic timeline, and provide the staff, equipment, and resources to ensure that your furniture is disassembled, packed, moved, and reassembled as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimal impact to your productivity.

To learn more about how we can help your Toronto office relocation, contact us today.

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