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4 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Toronto Demountable Wall Installation

Demountable wall installations are wonderful innovations. They’re beautiful, they’re easy to install, they’re environmentally friendly, they provide an incredible amount of flexibility, and they have a ton of different features available. But with so many features, how can you determine which wall system is right for your Toronto business?

Before you start shopping around for a Toronto demountable wall system, make sure you’ve considered these 4 questions:

What’s Your Demountable Wall Budget?

While it’s always fun to dream and window shop, the bottom line should be taken to heart before you consider making an actual decision. Demountable walls can range from affordable to luxurious; knowing how much you have to spend will make sure that you don’t get your hopes up on a system you can’t afford.

What Are Your Privacy Needs?

With most demountable wall systems being glass, privacy should be an important consideration. Will certain employees have to shield their monitors from passers-by to protect confidential information, such as payroll? Will they require partial privacy for closed-door meetings? Will they need blinds? How about soundproofing?

When considering privacy options, it’s also important to know if the privacy needs are uniform across all units. If not, you might be able to save the privacy units for special cases, and use more inexpensive options throughout the rest of your office, using the funds you save for some bells and whistles. Which brings us to the next question:

What Features Would You Like?

There are many different features available, ranging from the practical, such as integrated monitors and digital whiteboards, to the purely stylish, such as integrated coloured LED lighting and on-demand self-frosting glass.

When considering features, it can be helpful to classify your desired feature in a hierarchy, ranging from “Absolutely-need” to “Must-have” to “Want-but-could-live-without”. This can help you to make the most of your budget, while making sure that you don’t accidentally omit something functionally important in favour of a beautiful (albeit unnecessary) aesthetic feature.

Have You Called Choice Wall Installations?

Choice Wall Installations have had years of experience installing demountable walls throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and have demountable wall installation down to an art. We have also installed a wide variety of new and beautiful demountable walls, and can help you to select one that meets your wants, needs, and budget.

To learn more about how we can help you with your Toronto demountable wall installation, contact us today.

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