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3 Secret Tactics to Make Your Office Move Seamless

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As an office installation company who’s been around the block for over 17 years, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen it all: The good, where a move runs smoothly; the bad, where a contractor or manager drops the ball and causes a delay… and, unfortunately, the ugly DIY disasters which quite often cost far more than they attempted to save.

When you’re looking to relocate, a smooth transition is obligatory: Every wasted moment of every employee represents a hit to productivity, morale, and ultimately, your bottom line. If you want your office relocation to cause as little interruption as possible, then Choice Office Installations has your back.

Deploy the Task Force

A task force is a group who are dedicated to, and accountable for, the logistical undertaking of the installation. Having a competent task force can greatly ease the transition, while facilitating communication between all the moving parts—both with your contractors, and within the company. 

Plan Around Business Hours

An office move can be a time-intensive undertaking for all involved. And while certain elements will need to be taken care of by the employees themselves (such as packing up personal effects), the bulk of the labour can be done without them.

A professional office installation company will provide off-hours services, conducting most of the move in the evening or over the weekend, minimizing the resultant downtime resulting from workspaces being broken down and set up.

Of course, if minimal interruption is the ultimate goal, there’s always the third option…

Shed Your Old Office Altogether

This option may not be feasible for every relocation, but the path that offers the least interruption is to set up the new space entirely with new furniture, and don’t have your workers even stop to pack up their personal effects until it’s done. New equipment tends to carry with it a tremendous morale boost, and often a good portion of the cost can be made up from the sale of the old office equipment.

With this option, the only productivity slowdown will be when your workers take a few minutes to pack up their box in the old location, and few more to unpack at their new workstation.

Our Office Installation Company Can Help

To learn more about how we can help your office relocation to run as smoothly as possible, contact us today.

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