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3 Residential Designs That Can Improve Your Toronto Office’s Modular Wall Installations

When it comes to design, residential ideas often have surprisingly effective applications in the business space. After all, decisions we make for the home often share goals that we want in our workspace as well: greater utility, improved esthetics, more flexibility, etc. In this post, we’re going to take a look at 3 ideas that are popular in home design, and how they can be harnessed to improve your office modular wall installations in Toronto.

Special Write-On/Draw-On Paints

Writable surfaces are becoming increasingly common in children’s rooms, whether they are dry-erase surfaces or chalkboard paint. In either case, the walls of a bedroom or play room can be treated to allow your child to express their creativity in a fun—and relatively clean—way.

While one usually thinks of elegant glass walls when one thinks of demountable wall systems, they actually come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and surface treatments. These can include primed panels that can be painted with chalk paint or papered with dry-erase material.

These surfaces can serve any number of business applications, from message boards to to-do lists to SWOT charts and so forth. The large dry-erase or unique chalk board can also grant an extra layer of character to the workspace.

Organic Materials

There’s a good reason why hardwood floors are such a massive value-add in a new home. Wood is regal, it’s grounding, it’s inviting, it’s warm. And often, just the smell of hardwood can make us feel a little more at-ease.

Wood panelling in the office is was common in classic offices, and has been seeing a great resurgence in modern design. Cold hyper-modern ‘blocky’ design has been slowly losing ground to the more natural looks for a few years now, with trends continuing to creep back towards bare brick, hardwood, plant life, and sunshine.

Modular wall installations in Toronto make it extremely easy—and quite affordable—to bring that organic material into any office space.

Retractable Room Partitions

While modular walls have many features that are extremely well-suited to the office, retractable room partitions (or ‘sliding walls’, if you will) have been a staple in residential modular walls. Within a home context, a ‘sliding wall’ is very often installed between a kitchen and a dining room, allowing a family to shut the wall to create a quiet, formal space during dinners or parties, and then slide the wall away to keep their home open and airy the rest of the time.

Retractable partitions can similarly be used in the office context in a number of ways, from designing collaborative spaces that can be converted into isolated individual offices, to designing two small adjoining conference rooms that can be turned into one large conference room with the slide of a wall.

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