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3 Problems Solved by Demountable Wall Systems

Demountable wall systems aren’t just beautifully designed accents that make an office look stunning and modern: They’re also a practical solution to a number of common office concerns. In this post, we’ll look at 3 problems that demountable wall systems can help your business to solve.

Changing Needs

While it may seem redundant, it’s still worth mentioning: A major feature of demountable wall systems is that they’re demountable. That means that they can be very easily shifted around or moved altogether, allowing your office to dynamically evolve alongside your business needs.

What’s more, if a demountable wall is no longer needed at all—such as if merging two small offices into one large collaborative space—the wall can be ‘re-deployed’ elsewhere in the office, or even shipped and installed to a different location.

Environmental Waste

Removing a wall can produce a remarkable amount of waste. Drywall is not reusable, and its removal and disposal can be costly, particularly in larger office projects. What’s more, removing drywall is quite messy, producing copious amounts of dust that can render a whole area unusable while it is being removed. This is wasteful both for the environment, and for your company’s bottom line.

Demountable wall systems, on the other hand, can be removed very quickly, with zero mess, zero waste, and very little interruption to your business’ day-to-day operations.

Relocation Losses

Demountable wall systems are long-term investment. If you relocate your business, the demountable walls come with you. If your new space doesn’t require them, then they can be very easily sold as used. Traditional walls, on the other hand, are impossible to deconstruct or move to a new location, and have no resale value whatsoever.

If you’re considering installing, moving, or replacing a demountable wall system, make sure you do so through professional installers like Choice Office Installations. To book an appointment contact us today.

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