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3 Benefits of Using Toronto Furniture Delivery Services for Small Businesses

When you run a small or mid-sized business, pinching pennies can become second nature. However, it’s important to recognize when it’s safe to take a shortcut, and when cutting corners will cost you greatly in the long run. When it comes to furniture delivery, many small businesses will at least consider the DIY route—which, unfortunately, can have a dear price tag.

There are 3 major benefits to actually bringing in professional furniture delivery services when your Toronto small business purchases office furniture:

1. Save Time and Minimize Business Slowdown

They say that time is money—and nobody knows this better than small business owners with salaried employees and operating hours. The delivery and setup of office furniture can be an arduous and time-consuming task, particularly if you don’t have the experience and tools of a trained office furniture delivery service in Toronto.

By paying a little extra to bring in a Toronto furniture delivery service, it can actually save you a significant amount. Especially when you consider the value of the time it would take for you and your employees to put together the furniture, and the productivity cost of having to interrupt your business to do so.

2. Save Your Furniture from Transit and Assembly Damage

While office furniture isn’t exactly Faberge eggs, it is often heavy, awkward, and, if mishandled, is prone to warping, breaking, chipping, or scratching if not handled properly. Assembly can also cause damage in some cases, causing the furniture to tilt, wobble, or even shear and fall apart after extensive use.

A professional delivery service in Toronto can guarantee that your beautiful new furniture won’t come with any damage or blemishes due to improper handling, while professional assembly services come with the tools and knowledge to ensure that your furniture is assembled quickly and properly. While there are companies who offer these services separately, it’s most efficient to find a company (such as Choice Office Installations) who offers both.

3. Save Yourself (And Your Employees) From Injury and Liability

As mentioned earlier, office furniture tends to be large, awkward, bulky, and heavy. Trying to lift and maneuver it around places workers—particularly those who aren’t used to moving furniture, and who don’t have the proper equipment—at great risk of injury. Such injuries are often chronic and recurring, and can lead to days, or even weeks, of paid leave.

Bringing in a third party to transport and install furniture shifts the danger (and potential liability) to fully trained, and properly equipped, professionals.

If You’re a Small-to-Mid-Sized Business…

While the DIY route may seem tempting, make sure you think about the true cost in lost time and productivity, and the potential cost in damage and injury. Don’t take chances with your new furniture, contact us today.

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